Sharing Large Exhibits and Matters

Transfer Large Exhibits Securely

Being unable to transfer big exhibits can be a real pain. Email often only lets you to send only small exhibits, but with iFileroom you can send much larger exhibits painlessly.

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Lawyers and Court Reporters: Finally an simple, secure and affordable way to share search and view documents, video and audio

iFileroom provides a host of important benefits to legal and legal support services, by providing a simple way to store and share exhibits and other electronic media related to their matters.



A practical system to tag, cross index, and find all of your important documents. Plus the ability to do full text search of those documents (see OCR)

Rapid Access

With all of your documents available via secure connection, you will have access to them quickly and from anywhere- even while someone else is also using them.


Encryption and password access will keep your confidential files sealed and out of reach of lower level staff.


Files are stored in a central database and backed up elsewhere so you will never have to worry about an unforeseen disaster destroying vital information.


Documents can be easily archived and stored long term without threat of deterioration, theft, or loss.

Document History

Once your files are loaded into the system they will be tagged with an audit trail so that you can see who uploaded, accessed, changed, indexed, and deleted them

What else do you get:

Share with internal and external staff.

Know what people have and haven't viewed

Multiple users on a matter

Schedule all meditations and appointments

Backup your files off-site

No Touch forced backups from employees

No Servers and IT staff required



Everything in your iFileroom account is safe, secure, and password-protected.