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Document Management

Document Sharing:

  • With employees
  • With Clients
  • With Anyone
Unlimited Bandwidth
Easy Employee Scaling - Add internal users for $5 per user per month
Easy External scaling - Add external users to your package limit at no additional cost

Email Support


How Does Payment Work

You will be invoiced at the beginning of every month for the forthcoming month. If we have a credit card on file, this card will be charged, if there is a problem you will receive a phone call or email to rectify the problem. If the problem cannot be rectified, you will have access to your documents for 14 days after which access to the system will be removed. Your files will be stored for 30 days after the last missed payment period, after which your files will be removed from our system.

How do I Cancel

 Log into your account as the administrative user and cancel your account. This will give you access until your next bill date. At which time your account will be deactivated and 30 days later your files will be removed.

What are you getting

You arereceiving access to the iFileroom system via an internet browser (we support Firefox and Internet Explorer) for the period of time you have paid for. This is a software product that is delivered as a service and as such you do not own any of the source code or permanent access to the system, but rather you are renting access to the servers and underlying software.